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UPDATED: Dec. 22, 2014 3:01 p.m. Eastern time. This will be the last update about the site. Looks like everything is running smoothly, we have more than 330 users signed up and there now is a steady stream of ads. Great work, everyone, and thanks again for your patience. Happy holidays! --geoff

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A Holiday Treat from YWP!

Hello Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,

I thought you might enjoy this month's The Voice, the digital magazine of Young Writers Project. Great writing, sound, images and video from young writers. We are happy to say that in the last few months we've started including youths outside VT & NH as we begin accepting youths from elsewhere. (So, if you know some kids, feel free to pass along the link to our site and have them sign up to write! youngwritersproject.org)

Enjoy and happy holidays! -- geoff




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This is a free, safe community of spinners, weavers and knitters. Our aim is to provide people with a Web connection that is valuable to them. We offer free advertisements and a forum. We will provide more as the community grows.

We take special pleasure in being able to volunteer our time and effort with the specific intent of providing spinners, weavers and knitters a place to form connections which may encourage all involved to share, sell or find used equipment, fibers, books, antiques and animals.

In a sense, we weave people together!


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We operate this Web site in part to raise money for our favorite charity: Young Writers Project, a wonderful nonprofit that is helping students learn to write better. We hope you will contribute to this organization.



Good morning all. As the snow gently falls, (more to come, which promises not to be so gentle in the night tonight)... I am reminded of the quiet and peace of winter, and the promise of Christmas and how I have loved the preparation coming up to this holiday in our family for all of my life. The baking, the fragrance of the tree and the cookies, the decorating, and the pondering of what gifts  would please my family, how we can do for others, etc has been a pleasant and important part of my life.. Christmas has changed as I have grown up, and now I focus on my grandson Jim, and on doing for others who are less fortunate, and on the stories and traditions that are important to keep within our little family.

Thanksgiving 2014

It all seemed simple enough: A dip in the ocean at dawn, on Thanksgiving morn. It was Plymouth, Mass, though not a single Puritan nor Wampanoags was in sight.

It was 28 degrees. It was snowing. And blowing. And the waves were crashing.

My youngest daughter was game. My other children were not. Nor was my wife. Nor were any of the other 24 family members in the house. None was up for that matter.

So we went. Down the 129 steps to the beach, careful not to slip on the ice-crunch steps or touch the railing caked with half-inch crusted snow.

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