UPDATED: Feb. 10, 2015 11:15 p.m. Eastern time.

The Northeast, particularly Boston, continues to be hammered by snow, though up here in Vermont, the snow has been not as heavy -- but steady. We have a couple of feet of pack in the woods which is nice for snowshoeing but not so nice for the deer.

We hope the site is working well for you. And thanks to those of you who've made donations to Young Writers Project. As founder and excecutive director I know that we are making a difference in young people's lives as we work to help them become more proficient in an essential live skill -- writing.

We are still looking for some of you to become "bloggers" to post stories about your lives as knitters, spinners and weavers. This helps give the site more of a community feel. Please contact Janet or me if you are interested. NO GUILT required! Do it when you can.

This week, my 99-year-old uncle had planned to begin a series of piano solo concerts in four states to commemorate his 100th birthday. Sadly, he died before reaching his goal, but as he said, "I lived a good life." Indeed he did. If you'd like to see what I wrote about this remarkable man: http://cowbird.com/story/107941/A_Sonata_For_Frank/

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April Issue of The Voice, YWP's digital magazine

Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,

Young Writers Project is excited to announce the release of the April issue of The Voice, our monthly digital magazine. It's the best of the best from YWP's annual Vermont Writes Day in which we encourage kids (and teachers and parents) to STOP what they are doing and write for 7 minutes (or more). This year we had 25,000 youths participate -- nearly 1/3 of all students in the state! Wow.

As you know youngwritersproject.org is now open to kids from ANYWHERE and some of them are in this magazine already! What a thrill. Spread the word. -- geoff


Winter Returns...Maybe?


We’re under a freezing rain watch...welcome back to winter

“Winter” here in Virginia is the antithisis of everything that I grew up calling it...there’s lots of browns, lots of mush, lots of 50's that turn to 20's at nite, one day it’s raining, the next it’s 80's and there’s a ‘cold front’ coming thru. Winter, growing up in New Hampshire, meant that by Halloween you were wearing layers and moon boots, and the snow shovels were about to get used some time before Thanksgiving, unless it was a ‘bad year’ and you’d already used them before Halloween, in which case the best (or worst?) industry to be in was the tire business and selling salt bags on the side

I love snow, it means “sleep” to me for my extensive gardens, for the farm that I’m currently living on with my husband & two cats who I call my ungratefuls, because they are. I also have both silver phoenix & americauna chickens, peacocks & narragansett turkeys, whose loyalties are fleeting as long as I’m keeping their dishes full. My gardens need to sleep, as everything does at some point, & while they’re sleeping, I get the exhilaration of seeing what else I can cram into them come spring.

Twenty Years Of "A Hobby Gone Astray"

C'mon, admit it...unless you learned from someone in your family, your curiosity got the better of you. You were watching that wheel spinning and wondering how to do that yourself, you saw the warp and thought of a color or texture combination that would look best for you. The brain is an interesting organism, and when it sets out the fishing line, with that hook that whispers "I could do that", it's difficult to resist, isn't it?

Support Young Writers Project

We operate this Web site in part to raise money for our favorite charity: Young Writers Project, a wonderful nonprofit that is helping students learn to write better. We hope you will contribute to this organization.


Llama Drama

The first skein of llama is done. Wiping the sweat off my brow, I did my best to take some pictures with my phone. After what seemed like a sucessful spin, I started to ply... and then the truth came out. I discovered I did not add enough twist. I lost several yards towards the end, the single separated several times. The most important thing to me was not to turn the yarn into rope by over spinning. That was not a problem, hehehe.  Also I think there were a few more guard hairs I could have removed. On my face, the prickle factor is apparent, but hands and arms say this is pretty soft.

Is your mama a Llama

Is Your Mama a Llama?


As a former school teacher, that is the first thing that came to my mind as I pulled out the bags of Llama I'm spinning for a friend. She spins herself, so this is more for me to get more experience with different fibers. I've been slowly working on spinning as many fleeces as possible, first by themsleves, to really learn the true nature of that  fiber. Now it's Llamas' turn.


Adventures In Finding New Means And Ways For My Paltry Paycheck

    What’s there not to love about a season that was made for spinners?
    I came into spinning by accident, literally. I was wandering through the Washington State Fair searching for the draft horse barn, where we were going to meet our first draft filly, whom we’d put a deposit down on

Forrester Personal Spindles

I have just received 24 more of Tom's Personal, one of a kind spindles.  I'm slowly putting them up so come back often to view what is there.  Here is the link to these great creations.  http://the-wheel-thing.com/products/Spindles/forrester.html


Thanks for looking



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