Young Writers Project -- UPDATE 3.21.14

Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,

I hope this note finds you all well and deeply immersed in your various projects. My wife, Ginny, has been consumed, the last year, with rug hooking and while that is a slightly different area, it still involves some of your wonderful weaved wools!

Thanks to all of you who have contributed and continue to contribute to Young Writers Project, a nonprofit dedicated to building a generation of better writers.

Our work continues despite the worst recession since the 1920's, chaotic changes in schools and the often overwhelming influence of social media on our lives. I am happy to report that kids want to be challenged, take creative risks in respectful spaces and write with power and clarity that continues to amaze. And your donations have helped extend our work!

Many of you, over the years, have dropped me a note or added a note with your donation thanking us for our work and wondering if we were ever going to come to your neck of the woods.

Well we are! I'm excited to announce that we are undertaking a huge fundraising campaign to redo our main site, build groups for informal and formal workshops AND invite kids from around the country to join.

ADDITIONALLY, YWP has been accepted into Internet2 which is a network of 80,000 universities, school networks and educational organizations around the nation that can connect with each other via an isolated VERY fast Internet connection. This will allow us to video stream our workshops & author talks & events all to libraries, schools, etc. around the country and connect kids in profound ways. Google just gave us a small grant to buy the necessary video equipment to pull this off.

If you'd like to read more about it -- and see a few reactions from kids in the comment section -- check out our application to the Knight Foundation (and give us an APPLAUD if you like it). Here is the link:

So your contributions are needed more than ever. And, in your travels, if you know of some folks -- kids, teachers, school leaders, etc. -- who might be interested in what we are doing, share the link to our Knight proposal and/or to our main site.

For our plan to work, this will have to be a shared, collaborative experience to help the next generation gain the writing skills necessary to express their ideas, hopes, opinions and knowledge and become engaged members of their communities!

Cheers to all of you,


Geoffrey Gevalt
YWP Director

Geoffrey Gevalt
Young Writers Project
12 North St., Suite #8
Burlington, VT 05401

Philadelphia surely is the city of sisterly love

I am amazed and blessed. I have had several offers of wheels that I can borrow. I am the recipient of much love and generosity in this city. The wheel that arrived to me is a beautiful one and one that is loved and treasured by her owner, ... I can hardly believe I am able to use this wheel for a little bit of time, and am supremely happy. Thank you, oh generous spinner, for making such an effort to help me. Sneding love to all who offered, and a big hug to all who reached out. Thank you !

Calling all Philly spinners!!! Grand baby and no spinning? Help! Philly spinners to rescue?

Good morning from Philly,...I am helping my daughter as she anticipates the birth of our first grand baby and their first child....I did not prepare for as long a visit as it is turning out to be..and I am missing my wheel and loom dreadfully. I bout a spindle last night and now am thinking of fiber. ,,if anyone has fiber (extra) that they would have extra of....and that is next to skin soft for a baby please email me and we can I have fiber at home that could be sent but if YOU are in Philly and have extra cormo, merino, bfl, Romney etc that I could.

fees for two years due in Nov 2014

Good spring morning.... we still have 7 foot snowbanks at the end of our driveway.... goodness! it's been a long winter.

For Sale Handmade Vermont fiber blending boards, 90 TPI, solid Cherry, Maple, or Walnut available.

Vermont Fiber Blending Boards for Sale:

We are selling Vermont Handmade Fiber Blending Boards that are individually made, furniture grade boards. Available in cherry, and clear maple, and includes with cherry brush, and a wooden dowel. $230.00 plus shipping for standard solid woods.Also available in limited quantities are boards made from premium woods such as tiger, curly, and birds eye maple, walnut, and lacewood (when available) for $280.00 plus Shipping. Each blending board is handmade by Michael in the heart of the Northern Green Mountains of Vermont.

Winter storm warning in Vermont, and how to delete your old ads


I notice that there are tons of old ads still here. It seems that many users just post and "run," as it were, never coming back to clean up their old fulfilled ad.

Please take a moment to sign in, with your name and password, go to your old ad, click the title, and then hit "EDIT." Go to bottom of ad and hit delete.

This cleans up the pages, and makes things more current, and fresh. Thank you for picking up after yourselves!

Kathleen, retired page "mom."

12/23 Ice storm of 2013 VT, puppies and ice, and how to post a photo with your ad

Scout and Penny, 5 months and 8 monthsScout and Penny, 5 months and 8 months12/23. Greetings. I am reposting a note from one of our wonderful subscribers, that explains how to post a photo.

We are in the middle of an ice storm and the biggest ramification is that we cannot get our puppy to do her business outside.

10/1 Jean Louise, aka Scout

10/1 On 10/5, Jamie and I are bringing home our new little girl, our baby King Charles Cavalier, Jean Louise, who will be known as Scout (from our fav book, To Kill A Mockingbird.)

I will post photos as I get them. Wish us well, as we remember Remy with lots of love, and look forward to a new spirit in our home.

Love to all, and blessings too. Kathleen in Vermont

11/10 We made it! Our fees are paid for the next two years

Good Thank you all for responding in such a timely manner to our request for help in keeping these pages going financially. The bill is paid, and now Janet can rest easy, and continue to do her volunteer work to keep the pages running on a daily basis. We thank you for helping us, so sincerely, and of course, Janet, you are the golden girl! Thanks for the daily attention and care that you pay to keep it all humming. Love to all, and blessings, and thanks. Happy Holiday!!all.

Kathleen in Vermont


Wishing everyone the best in the passage of this storm. I could well be effected being in Connecticut but I am inland so hopefully it won;t blast us too badly. I hope all those on the coast evacuate. God Speed. Janet


Thanks to all the folks that have been so generous to the Young Writer program. Those kids will appreciate the help.



Hi Everyone,

It is very important that you delete your ad from this list when your item has sold. This is your responsibility so please if you have one still up here for an item that has sold, kindly delete it.

Thank you


Hi everyone,

CONTACT info, revisited

Good morning all. As I get ready for work this morning, (I am a postpartum nurse in addition to being the list mom retired on the pages here).. I do ask that you please take a moment to think before placing ads, and include all your contact info, email, pricing, etc, so that Janet, our lovely listmom, who does this list management out of the goodness of her heart, does not have to feel burdened by work that is not hers to do.


Folks, I HATE bringing this up again. People are putting up ads with no contact information. First it is a RULE that ALL ads contain CONTACT Information. People can NOT contact you to purchase your items. Honestly I do not have time to be finding your email addresses for people interested in your items so from today forward, any ads that do NOT have proper contact information will be deleted IMMEDIATELY without notice. So PLEASE read the Ad Guidelines BEFORE placing your ad.

Thank you
List Owner

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