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Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,

Young Writers Project has released the JUNE issue of The Voice, our monthly digital magazine. As you know youngwritersproject.org is now open to kids from ANYWHERE around the country and world and some of them are in this magazine already! What a thrill. Check it out. Spread the word. -- geoff




Congratulations to Sophia "Pianolady" Cannizzaro for being our Writer of the Month AND featured photographer! Go go Piano!


Check out installment two of Avery McLean's "Alice" on page 40.


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Happy Spring!

UPDATED: May 5, 2015 11:15 p.m. Eastern time.

We were hesitant, at the first sign of spring weather, to herald spring given the rough winter that we've had here in the Northeast. In northern Vermont we had nearly 40 days where the temperature dipped below zero. Wow. No wonder we were going stir crazy. But the snow piles are finally gone, the wild flowers and perennials are showing and yahoo, it's spring!

Thanks again to all of you who've made donations to Young Writers Project. As founder and excecutive director I know that we are making a difference in young people's lives as we work to help them become more proficient in an essential life skill -- writing -- as well as helping them gain digital skills -- using audio, images and video AND practicing civility. (I'd say we adults could learn a thing or two on that score!)

Thanks, too, to our early "bloggers" who've been posting stories about their lives as knitters, spinners and weavers. This helps give the site more of a community feel. Any more of you out there? Please contact Janet or me if you are interested in becoming one of the voices of this site. NO GUILT required! Do it when you can.

This Saturday, I will be at the Celebration and memorial for my 99-year-old uncle, Frank Glazer, who still performed on piano even a few weeks before his death in January. The service will be at Bates College and we are heartened that musicians -- mostly his former students -- will be coming from all over the world.  If you'd like to see what I wrote about this remarkable man: http://cowbird.com/story/107941/A_Sonata_For_Frank/

I hope that the site is working well for you.

-- geoff

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Tunis in the Grease

I usually run more than one project at a time. While I'm spinning Jacob, I am also processing the Tunis fleece. My preference is to spin in "the grease." Spinning in the grease does not mean spinning in the dirt. First a fleece is shaken, to loosen VM and short cuts, then picked. I cold soak all of my fleece, with or without soap. How long depends on the fleece. No agitation other than water pressure. It's amazing how much dirt comes out in a cold soak, and how much VM floats to the top.


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A Degree To Fit Every Fleece Fanatic

Growing up, we all had it, that ‘look’ when someone asked you ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’...c’mon, you know it, that ‘look’ from your parents, your aunts, your uncles, the teacher who wanted you to write it down and it got posted somewhere in the class (sometimes with cute photos that your parents brought out when you brought your prom date home....you know, those photos)

No hurry with Suri

No hurry with Suri

My first encounter with Suri was not a good one. The fiber was clearly seconds, but I knew that. However, it was full of second and third cuts, stiff and dry, basically unusable to me. I figured if this was what Suri was about, then I was not about Suri. A friend sent me some Suri and I put it away, thinking I knew what it would be about. Curiousity got the best of me. There was a local grower on FB, offering fleece for trade, and I wanted to try again, to see what everyone was raving about.

Humility & Life

(Note: this is a darker piece than previous posts....I ask to please read with an open heart & mind, & ask forgiveness for honesty, & needing to share an absence's reasons)



Llama Drama

The first skein of llama is done. Wiping the sweat off my brow, I did my best to take some pictures with my phone. After what seemed like a sucessful spin, I started to ply... and then the truth came out. I discovered I did not add enough twist. I lost several yards towards the end, the single separated several times. The most important thing to me was not to turn the yarn into rope by over spinning. That was not a problem, hehehe.  Also I think there were a few more guard hairs I could have removed. On my face, the prickle factor is apparent, but hands and arms say this is pretty soft.

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