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The MAY issue of Young Writers Project's showcase magazine, The Voice, features stories, photos, sound and poetry. Enjoy!  --gg



Do you have a story to tell?


Each one of you who comes to this site has a deep interest in fibers. You are weavers or spinners or farmers or knitters or artists or all of those things. And you've been following this passion for years.

Do you have a story to tell? Do you have experience you'd like to share?

We'd love to have you post on this site. Become a writer!

If you'd like to share something that you've done or learned or want to share with others, get in touch with me at and we'll set you up to blog!


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Angora Rabbit Harvest

Angoras do take considerable time and energy, but so does everything in life.  For me, the key is knowing the cycle of each rabbit and keeping a schedule. Sometimes the rabbits don't agree with my schedule. 


What is this site anyway?

Creative commons photo by Freygundr.

This is a free site managed by the Young Writers Project for the benefit of those of you who love the spun arts, as it were -- spinners, weavers, knitters, farmers and the like.

You are free to create an account (we approve each account to keep out the spammers, so be patient; it may take a day or so for your account to be activated) and then free to create an ad selling your stuff and we have some categories on the left column to help you out. Choose one.

We ask that this be small scale -- no big commercial vendors, please. And please remove your ad once you've made a sale. Let me say that again: please remove your ad once you've made a sale or exchange. The community thanks you for doing that; nothing more disappointing that to see something you've been looking for only to find out that it's not available.

Some tips:

You are the gift that keeps giving!

This site and you kind, gentle people are the gifts who keep giving.

Almost every day, Young Writers Project receives a small donation from one of you and we can't thank you enough.

Your continued financial support of our work helps pay for our time spent giving youths encouragement on or leading a workshop. Or organizing an event like last week's Vermont Writes Day when literally thousands of youths, teachers and administrators STOPPED what they were doing and wrote to prompts created by YWP's Youth Leaders. Fun was had by all. Audible groans in schools because the time was up and they had to stop writing. Imagine.


We are continuing to develop plans for our formal online instruction program to youths anywhere for a small membership fee to cover our costs. We can say that we are now looking for partners -- knowledge partners and financial partners -- to help us do our final work to launch by September 2016. We are so excited by the interest from some remarkable organizations around the country.

And don't forget: Our free, online respectful teen writing community is open to ALL youths ANYWHERE, so if you know some youths who like to write or who want to get better at it, send them to They will get feedback, support and may get published all over including on our showcase magazine, The Voice!

Cheers to all of you,

geoff gevalt


Anonymity Is A Crime


Fall Fiber Fantasies

        Ah, fall
    What isn’t there to love about fall?
    There’s the changing leaves (that bring the leaf-peepers who drive 25mph in a 55mph)
    There’s the cooling temperatures (who turned the thermostat up again?!)
    Then there’s the kids back to school (wine sales soar, see the news story at 11)
    All the wonderful things about fall...but the best, ooohhh, the best of all...fall fleece festivals, where we revert back to five-year-olds with all the beauty that reminds us once again of summer’s passing

Tunis in the Grease

I usually run more than one project at a time. While I'm spinning Jacob, I am also processing the Tunis fleece. My preference is to spin in "the grease." Spinning in the grease does not mean spinning in the dirt. First a fleece is shaken, to loosen VM and short cuts, then picked. I cold soak all of my fleece, with or without soap. How long depends on the fleece. No agitation other than water pressure. It's amazing how much dirt comes out in a cold soak, and how much VM floats to the top.

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