January issue of The Voice!

The January issue of Young Writers Project's showcase magazine, The Voice, features powerful poems and stories, music, gorgeous photos and sound! Enjoy!  --gg


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Thanks for your support!

Thanks to all of you, for your continued financial support of Young Writers Project. As I mentioned, you helped us reach our Challenge Grant fundraising goal late last year and received a $50,000 matching grant.

And you continue to support our ongoing activities. We are excited to announce that plans are moving along at full pace for YWP to begin offering formal online instruction to any youths anywhere for a small membership fee to cover our costs. More coming later.

And don't forget: Our free, online respectful teen writing community is open to ALL youths ANYWHERE, so if you know some youths who like to write or who want to get better at it, send them to youngwritersproject.org. They will get feedback, support and may get published all over!

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Just a reminder about ad content.  I'm getting many ads that have no contact information in them

Here is the reminder that Geoff put up when we opened the new site.

Keep in mind:

Use common sense in ALL transactions: Not all people are nice. So if you are selling an item, make sure you do not divulge personal credit card information nor get into complicated arrangements with people in a foreign country who seem to have limited understanding of English.
If you state in your ad, PICK UP ONLY, PLEASE tell the people WHERE you are located.



Good afternoon everyone,

Been noticing many ads going up with no contact information in them.  You MUST ad this yourself as it does not automatically appear in your ads when you place them. 


Thank you



Fall Fiber Fantasies

        Ah, fall
    What isn’t there to love about fall?
    There’s the changing leaves (that bring the leaf-peepers who drive 25mph in a 55mph)
    There’s the cooling temperatures (who turned the thermostat up again?!)
    Then there’s the kids back to school (wine sales soar, see the news story at 11)
    All the wonderful things about fall...but the best, ooohhh, the best of all...fall fleece festivals, where we revert back to five-year-olds with all the beauty that reminds us once again of summer’s passing

Tunis in the Grease

I usually run more than one project at a time. While I'm spinning Jacob, I am also processing the Tunis fleece. My preference is to spin in "the grease." Spinning in the grease does not mean spinning in the dirt. First a fleece is shaken, to loosen VM and short cuts, then picked. I cold soak all of my fleece, with or without soap. How long depends on the fleece. No agitation other than water pressure. It's amazing how much dirt comes out in a cold soak, and how much VM floats to the top.

A Degree To Fit Every Fleece Fanatic

Growing up, we all had it, that ‘look’ when someone asked you ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’...c’mon, you know it, that ‘look’ from your parents, your aunts, your uncles, the teacher who wanted you to write it down and it got posted somewhere in the class (sometimes with cute photos that your parents brought out when you brought your prom date home....you know, those photos)

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