Guidelines and Ad Tips


This site offers free advertisements for anyone wanting to sell -- or find -- wool-related items from spinning wheels to fibers, from carders to books, from looms to animals. Those posting the ads are individuals or very small businesses. The site is run by volunteers so please be patient and kind. PLEASE remove your ad when you have sold your item, thanks! In exchange for these kindnesses, we encourage you to donate to our preferred charity, Young Writers Project, which is doing amazing things with young people. Thank you!


  • You must be an individual or a small seller,
  • You are responsible for being honest and forthright in what you are selling,
  • It is your responsibility to ensure safe delivery of products you are selling and sharing,
  • We are not responsible for any misrepresentations but ask that if you have a problem, alert us, WITH the link to the offending advertisement/community member,
  • If anyone violates our basic honesty code, we will make sure the ad is unpublished and the user is blocked and contacted.
  • PLEASE DELETE YOUR AD WHEN IT HAS BEEN TAKEN CARE OF! Do this as a favor to the community: nothing can be more frustrating to someone than to find an ad, follow up and find out that it is long gone. So when you sell, please come back and DELETE the ad. THANK  YOU!

Keep in mind:

  • Use common sense in ALL transactions: Not all people are nice. So if you are selling an item, make sure you do not divulge personal credit card information nor get into complicated arrangements with people in a foreign country who seem to have limited understanding of English.
  • If you state in your ad, PICK UP ONLY, PLEASE tell the people WHERE you are located.
  • It is very important that you include your contact info in your ad, otherwise no one can contact you. Please, please remember to include that. Thanks!

How to Create an Ad

If you do not have an account, create one:

  • Click the "Create a new account" link in the sidebar on your left.
  • Complete all the necessary information and save
  • Please understand we moderate all account applications for the well-being of everyone who participates here, so there will be a delay of a day or so before your account is activated.

Once your account is activated (or if you have an account):

  • Click "Create an Ad" on the left sidebar. 
  • In the form that appears, give your ad a title and choose ONE ad category (Spinning wheels, Fibers, etc.) 
  • In "body," type or paste in your ad (if you paste it, click the icon in the editor tool in the middle with the "w": 
  • (NEW) To insert a photo,
  1. put your cursor where you want the photo to appear in your text body. 
  2. click on the photo icon in the editor toolbar that looks like this:
  3. In pop-up window, click the "Choose File" button in upper left (under Upload a File)
  4. A directory of your computer will appear; find the photo, click it and then click "Choose" in lower right.
  5. In new box, click NEXT
  6. Then click Submit.
  7. Voila! it will appear in your blog.
  • You will now be back in your Ad, finish the content.
  • MAKE SURE you've left contact info (you can now embed a link rather than expose your email address: HIGHLIGHT a phrase like "contact me" and go to the chainlink icon in the editor toolbar, under "Link Type" click email, put in your email address, save.
  • Once you are done, click SAVE.
  • Congrats!
  • Please put your location in your ads.  Shipping has gotten very expensive and it will save lots of time if you will just PLEASE put your STATE. 

IMPORTANT HOUSECLEANING (again): When you have sold your item, return to your advertisement, click headline, click edit and click DELETE at bottom. Click Delete again. Be kind to us and the community by deleting an ad that is no longer needed! THANKS!

If you cannot figure out how to do an advertisement by yourself, NOT A PROBLEM! Send the ad to me by clicking here and I will post it.

Peace and remember, in exchange for this free service, if you can support our favorite charity -- Young Writers Project it would be greatly appreciated.

Janet Lynn



I notice that in the ads, no one states the price of the item, nor where they are. I've been looking at looms for sale. Is there a link to more info about the items, that I am missing? I have used the contact info to email the sellers of the looms I'm interested in. Seems a little combersome if they don't live near me or the price is too high.

When I place an ad to sell a loom and a spinning wheeel, should I leave off the price and also where I'm located? 

Thanks for the help,



hello someone,

when I click on a category, a blank page opens. I can't seem to find any info on any items.

I have a friend who is having the same problem.  Did you every figure out what was wrong and how to fix it?

It is made abundently clear that you want us to remove our ads when the item is sold but NOWHERE can I find out how to do that. How do I remove my ad?!!



How do we contact the seller to ask questions, arrange viewing, purchase the items listed for sale?


Nancy G. Miller

How do I contact a seller to find out location of an item I am interested in? If the ad lists "pick-up only", it needs to list the location. Very frustrating if there is no way to contact the seller.  Thank you.