Cranbrook 72" countermarche loom, 8 shaft, 10 treadle, FULLY LOADED

Perfect condition Cranbrook 72" countermarche loom, fully loaded with the following:

  • 8 shafts
  • 10 treadles
  • bench
  • a couple thousand texsolv heddles, half on loom, half off
  • various shuttles of different sizes and styles
  • warping reel
  • beater weight, brand new
  • an assortment of accessories such as fabric strip cutter, magic rope machine, threading hook, bobbin-warping frame, raddle, temples, a variety of reeds (at least four), various lease sticks, dowels, etc., giant roll of cardboard to put btw layers of warp,
  • an assortment of rags already cut into strips, some 8/4 cotton/linen warp, etc.
  • a very nice assortment of weaving books
  • anti-skid sisal rug for under loom
  • and more!

This loom costs $11,000 new. 

ASKING PRICE: $4,000.00 - everything included


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This is quite a haul, please add your location to the listing!


I'm interested if it can get to CT somehow. 

I am interested, is this fully loaded loom still for sale? Can I get in direct contact with you?