Le Clerc Weaving Loom For Sale Central Ohio

Le Clerc loom for sale.  4 harness  6 treadles.  Make an offer.  I am located in central Ohio.You can contact me at 1797cndle@gmail.com

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Where are you located?


Do you still have the loom and where are you located


Yes I still have the loom.  I apologize for delaying response.  I didn't see the comments at all, computer problems.  I am located in Central Ohio

My email address is 1797cndle@gmail.com

Can you tell me anything about it.  Is it a counter balance?  I'm a little new to weaving and need a little more information.  How long have you had it? Does it need repairs?  Are all the pieces there? And what is a price you are looking for? Thank you.



No it is a jack loom. It's 45" 4 harness 6 treadle.  I have owned it going on 2 years. No repairs, other than maybe needing oiled. Yes all the pieces are there. When I bough it- it didn't come with a bench.  I paid $550.00 for it.  I do not know how to weave, need the room, 

I apologise, I was misinformed.  It is a counter balance.  I just spoke with someone who knows about looms and he said if I press one treadle and 2 of the harnesses go up and 2 go down (which it does) then it's a counter balance.  As I mentioned above, I haven't learned to weave so I do not know much about it.

You were correct originally, you have a Leclerc Nilus model 4 Shaft Jack Loom.  

If you can disassemble and ship I am interested. Let me know

             Tom Beaudet, the Loom Doctor