Schacht 10" Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom with stand

New, 10" Schacht Cricket Loom comes with stand and brace for 15" Schacht looms. I just purchased, yet I have too many looms. Perfect for a beginner or the extra loom for scarfs and accessories. Comes with an 8 and 12 dpi heddles, threading tool, shuttle, pick up stick and warping peg. Great portability. A $350+ value for $290.00   Customer pick up only

email me for pictures

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Do you have any photos and where are you located?




has it sold? Send pictures.

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If it hasn't sold emil; m some pictures.  I am a new person to all this so I am trying to learn and its between a Rigid heddle or a table top  I want to get something that is wider than the 10"  I think I need at least a m24" BECAUSE i AM A BIG GUY  I also want to make bigger things.    What do you think?                                                                                      



Hi  Have you sold loom??  I owuld be interested in the 12 dpi Heddle if no.  Thanks



thanks found one.