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Updated 11.25.14

Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,


So much happening at YWP, the nonprofit you are supporting. Recently we had 125+ for our Celebration of Writing, including 60+ kids all day for workshops that showed us again how much kids create when given an idea, support and NO judgment!

Also, our THIRD issue of our new digital magazine, is out to great reviews. (And great readership; 15,000 readers in first two issues!) This new mag includes work from kids in other parts of the U.S.! Take a look:

Do you know some young person who wants to work on her/his writing? Send them to where they will get audience, feedback and informal instruction AND a respectful community.

So as you post your freead here, please drop us a donation. (Click button to the right.) It allows us to keep doing our work with thousands of kids each year! THANKS for all your generosity!

Geoffrey Gevalt
YWP Director

Young Writers Project
12 North St., Suite #8
Burlington, VT 05401

grateful for the years with you all

Good day... I am just reflecting on the past years. Whether or not we make our bill and keep the pages going for another 2 years, I want to say that it's been wonderful to be part of these pages, to meet some of you, and to become good friends with a few of you whom I have had the good fortune to get to know and love.

Since we began the Housecleaning pages nearly 16 years ago, or so, we have made donations to several good chairies including the Vermont Youth Orchestra, the Vermont Suzuki Violin group, and the Young Writer's Project for the past seven years.

A small but powerful voice from Tennessee

I just got a delightful call from a woman in Tennessee who is a big fan of this site and, as it turns out, our work at Young Writers Project.

We had a long and interesting conversation, but she had called out of concern and sadness that this site, this "little neighborhood store" as she calls it, might go away. "It breaks my heart," she said. She doesn't have the funds to send along to keep it going, but she certainly hopes it stays open.

This site has been going a long time, ever since Kathleen Bruce started it, then had her high-school aged kids (at the time) help out. It was a home-built, as it were, and it reflected the humor and warmth of Kathleen and her family. Then I came along because Kathleen was concerned about all the time it was taking her -- on the technical side -- just to keep the site up and running. I built what you see here and, for the most part, it has made life easier on the technical side. Kathleen then handed over the site to Janet Lynn (juniper) who's been trying to keep things going.

The rub has been the fees for housing this site. Efforts to raise the money have so far come up a bit short and questions have been raised as to whether it's time for this little store to close it's doors.

There is no question that this site is a bit like me -- oldish and clunky. Yet as the woman from Tennessee says, it is a small, safe, comfortable corner of the Internet. Folks can come here to share, exchange, sell and find a few small things they need or want. (Or, perhaps, didn't even know they wanted!) There is value in that.

It looks as though we may find a solution to keep it going, BUT what do you think? AND what would you think if we rebuilt this site and you needed to start afresh on a new site? (Please comment below.)


Good morning

Again folks are placing ads with no contact information. That's fine but no one can contact you if they wish to purchase your items. If you really want to sell them please let people know how to contact you.


Winter on the way

Well the temps in New England are very fall like today which reminds me to prepare for the cold winter we are supposed to have. Now is the time to buy and sell all those fibers to spin and yarns to knit. There are so many great sources on this list. Hope you all take advantage of that!!! Next month my goats get sheared, poor guys. However they only seem to be bothered by the cold about a day or so then they are back to normal.

So get all those fibers and yarns out there for folks to buy and of course the wheels and looms as well.

Philadelphia, the city of Motherly Love, and Jim...

As of May 4, at 00:42, my first grandchild, Jim, came into this world. His name is James Latimer Bruce Shirley, and he is doing swimmingly, thank you all for asking. He is as cute as a button, at 6lb 10 oz, and is much like his mother as he has a very calm and sweet temperment. He cries if he needs something but otherwise not much at all. He loves everyone, and is happy if he is near his beloved father and mother, and is also happy with us, his Papa and Babi, as second stringers.

Philadelphia surely is the city of sisterly love

I am amazed and blessed. I have had several offers of wheels that I can borrow. I am the recipient of much love and generosity in this city. The wheel that arrived to me is a beautiful one and one that is loved and treasured by her owner, ... I can hardly believe I am able to use this wheel for a little bit of time, and am supremely happy. Thank you, oh generous spinner, for making such an effort to help me. Sneding love to all who offered, and a big hug to all who reached out. Thank you !

For Sale Handmade Vermont fiber blending boards, 90 TPI, solid Cherry, Maple, or Walnut available.

Vermont Fiber Blending Boards for Sale:

We are selling Vermont Handmade Fiber Blending Boards that are individually made, furniture grade boards. Available in cherry, and clear maple, and includes with cherry brush, and a wooden dowel. $230.00 plus shipping for standard solid woods.Also available in limited quantities are boards made from premium woods such as tiger, curly, and birds eye maple, walnut, and lacewood (when available) for $280.00 plus Shipping. Each blending board is handmade by Michael in the heart of the Northern Green Mountains of Vermont.

Winter storm warning in Vermont, and how to delete your old ads


I notice that there are tons of old ads still here. It seems that many users just post and "run," as it were, never coming back to clean up their old fulfilled ad.

Please take a moment to sign in, with your name and password, go to your old ad, click the title, and then hit "EDIT." Go to bottom of ad and hit delete.

This cleans up the pages, and makes things more current, and fresh. Thank you for picking up after yourselves!

Kathleen, retired page "mom."

10/1 Jean Louise, aka Scout

10/1 On 10/5, Jamie and I are bringing home our new little girl, our baby King Charles Cavalier, Jean Louise, who will be known as Scout (from our fav book, To Kill A Mockingbird.)

I will post photos as I get them. Wish us well, as we remember Remy with lots of love, and look forward to a new spirit in our home.

Love to all, and blessings too. Kathleen in Vermont

11/10 We made it! Our fees are paid for the next two years

Good Thank you all for responding in such a timely manner to our request for help in keeping these pages going financially. The bill is paid, and now Janet can rest easy, and continue to do her volunteer work to keep the pages running on a daily basis. We thank you for helping us, so sincerely, and of course, Janet, you are the golden girl! Thanks for the daily attention and care that you pay to keep it all humming. Love to all, and blessings, and thanks. Happy Holiday!!all.

Kathleen in Vermont

CONTACT info, revisited

Good morning all. As I get ready for work this morning, (I am a postpartum nurse in addition to being the list mom retired on the pages here).. I do ask that you please take a moment to think before placing ads, and include all your contact info, email, pricing, etc, so that Janet, our lovely listmom, who does this list management out of the goodness of her heart, does not have to feel burdened by work that is not hers to do.

Haapsalu shawls, a knitting tradition, and a genius knitter of heirloom lace who can do anything......

May 28

We recently were invited to a very special wedding for friends of ours.... we wanted to get the bride a special gift, and were not able to knit what we wanted fast enough, for her wedding is coming up. So, I found, after much searching, a knitting treasure.... Liina Rees, from Estonia, is a knitting genius...for lace Haapsalu shawls of every pattern and traditional Haapsalu lace form.


Thanks to all who have given generously to the Young Writers Project. I know the kids appreciate it.


Heaven Sent Food and Fiber

May 27- If you have a hankering for some lovely fleece, go and take a look at

Heaven Sent Food and Fiber, Coleen's farm and her amazing Merino flock....

Merino lock, clean soft and beautifulMerino lock, clean soft and beautiful

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