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Updated 7.21.14

Spinners, Weavers & Knitters,

What a glorious summer so far. Hope your gardens -- and your creations -- are growing well.

Thanks to all of you who have been so generous to Young Writers Project, a nonprofit dedicated to building a generation of better writers.

We are excited to announce that our primary online community for pre-teen and teen writers is now open to ANY child regardless of geography. Know some young person who wants to work on her/his writing? Send them to

They will get audience, feedback and informal instruction and will be amazed by work of their peers. The site has ONE rule only: Be respectful and civil and we are continually amazed by how well the kids treat each other.

So pass along the link to people you know! And check out the amazing work being done in the YWP Summer of Stories challenge at this link: YWPSoS.

And as you post your ad here, please drop us a donation. It allows us to keep doing our work with thousands of kids each year!


Geoffrey Gevalt
YWP Director

Geoffrey Gevalt
Young Writers Project
12 North St., Suite #8
Burlington, VT 05401


Hi all

I will be away again all weekend so if I don't get your requests processed immediately that is why. Will also be away most of the rest of August - weekends only. Thanks for your understanding.

List Owner


Good evening,

Because so many people are failing to put contact information in their ads IT IS REQUIRED, I am no longer contacting you, I am simply deleting the ads.
Sorry but I do not have time to be contacting 4-5 people every day and then often find they have not complied anyway.

Also sorry a bunch of spam ads got up there today. I have no idea how but they are gone now.

Thanks to all who put up their ads correctly. I so appreciate it.

List Owner


If you are looking for your ad and don't find it, it has probably been deleted because you have failed to put the REQUIRED contact information in it. I no longer have time to email all of you when you do not follow the guidelines. Sorry.

List Owner


Okay folks, found three ads yesterday with no contact information. Sorry but I do not have time to be emailing everyone to do this so once a week I will go through the new ads. NO CONTACT IT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE. This or I could begin charging for ads which I don't think you want and I sure don't either. I don't know how to make it any clearer in the guidelines - any suggestions?????????

List Owner

Philadelphia, the city of Motherly Love, and Jim...

As of May 4, at 00:42, my first grandchild, Jim, came into this world. His name is James Latimer Bruce Shirley, and he is doing swimmingly, thank you all for asking. He is as cute as a button, at 6lb 10 oz, and is much like his mother as he has a very calm and sweet temperment. He cries if he needs something but otherwise not much at all. He loves everyone, and is happy if he is near his beloved father and mother, and is also happy with us, his Papa and Babi, as second stringers.


Folks, you are again posting ads without contact information. Remember you are posting ads for FREE. I do not have time to keep going into the list to send people wanting to purchase your product to find your email address.

This will be the last warning. Any ads posted from today on without contact information will be deleted without notice. Sorry but I work and do have other responsibilities.


Philadelphia surely is the city of sisterly love

I am amazed and blessed. I have had several offers of wheels that I can borrow. I am the recipient of much love and generosity in this city. The wheel that arrived to me is a beautiful one and one that is loved and treasured by her owner, ... I can hardly believe I am able to use this wheel for a little bit of time, and am supremely happy. Thank you, oh generous spinner, for making such an effort to help me. Sneding love to all who offered, and a big hug to all who reached out. Thank you !

Calling all Philly spinners!!! Grand baby and no spinning? Help! Philly spinners to rescue?

Good morning from Philly,...I am helping my daughter as she anticipates the birth of our first grand baby and their first child....I did not prepare for as long a visit as it is turning out to be..and I am missing my wheel and loom dreadfully. I bout a spindle last night and now am thinking of fiber. ,,if anyone has fiber (extra) that they would have extra of....and that is next to skin soft for a baby please email me and we can I have fiber at home that could be sent but if YOU are in Philly and have extra cormo, merino, bfl, Romney etc that I could.

fees for two years due in Nov 2014

Good spring morning.... we still have 7 foot snowbanks at the end of our driveway.... goodness! it's been a long winter.

For Sale Handmade Vermont fiber blending boards, 90 TPI, solid Cherry, Maple, or Walnut available.

Vermont Fiber Blending Boards for Sale:

We are selling Vermont Handmade Fiber Blending Boards that are individually made, furniture grade boards. Available in cherry, and clear maple, and includes with cherry brush, and a wooden dowel. $230.00 plus shipping for standard solid woods.Also available in limited quantities are boards made from premium woods such as tiger, curly, and birds eye maple, walnut, and lacewood (when available) for $280.00 plus Shipping. Each blending board is handmade by Michael in the heart of the Northern Green Mountains of Vermont.

Winter storm warning in Vermont, and how to delete your old ads


I notice that there are tons of old ads still here. It seems that many users just post and "run," as it were, never coming back to clean up their old fulfilled ad.

Please take a moment to sign in, with your name and password, go to your old ad, click the title, and then hit "EDIT." Go to bottom of ad and hit delete.

This cleans up the pages, and makes things more current, and fresh. Thank you for picking up after yourselves!

Kathleen, retired page "mom."

10/1 Jean Louise, aka Scout

10/1 On 10/5, Jamie and I are bringing home our new little girl, our baby King Charles Cavalier, Jean Louise, who will be known as Scout (from our fav book, To Kill A Mockingbird.)

I will post photos as I get them. Wish us well, as we remember Remy with lots of love, and look forward to a new spirit in our home.

Love to all, and blessings too. Kathleen in Vermont

11/10 We made it! Our fees are paid for the next two years

Good Thank you all for responding in such a timely manner to our request for help in keeping these pages going financially. The bill is paid, and now Janet can rest easy, and continue to do her volunteer work to keep the pages running on a daily basis. We thank you for helping us, so sincerely, and of course, Janet, you are the golden girl! Thanks for the daily attention and care that you pay to keep it all humming. Love to all, and blessings, and thanks. Happy Holiday!!all.

Kathleen in Vermont


Thanks to all the folks that have been so generous to the Young Writer program. Those kids will appreciate the help.


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