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As you know, the site is managed by Young Writers Project, a passionate, small band of people that helps thousands of youths around the U.S. and world become better writers so they can succeed in school, college and beyond. Writing is a vital skill and we believe more needs to be done to help kids become proficient.

By continuing to provide us financial support you help pay for our time -- and the time of leading experts and artists -- to provide youths guidance and encouragement on or leading a workshop.

UPDATE: Your donations have helped us get started on creating formal learning workshops for kids, housed in The YWP Academy. We've had great success so far, including storytelling, audio stories, staged plays, poetry and foundational work in writing. THESE WORKSHOPS ARE NOW FREE!

And don't forget: The rest of our fonline respectful teen writing community is  also free and open to ALL youths ANYWHERE, so if you know some youths who like to write or who want to get better at it, send them to They will get feedback, support and may get published all over including on our showcase magazine, The Voice!

I give thanks to the inspiring, creative and optimistic voices of youth! And to all of your generosity.

Happy knitting and weaving and hooking!

geoff gevalt