Macomber Add-A-Harness Floor Loom, 4 Harnesses, 48 Inch Weaving Width

Wonderful used Macomber Ad-A-Harness floor loom with images asking $1200.00

. Weaving width is 48 inches and it has 6 treadles, 4 harnesses and many heddles on each of the four harnesses. The loom also has an additional top bin added for equipment to the top of the loom. Closed dimensions of the loom is 30 inches deep by 56 inches high by 63 inches wide. There is some slight wear and tear on the harnesses and loom parts from use.

The loom comes with brake (crank) handle, reed and heddle hook, extra treadle hooks both the old style and some CP supers. There are also three reeds in good shape. There is a 48" wide stainless steel 10 dent reed that was cut down from a 56", a macomber reed that is 40 " wide and 6 dent per inch with slight rust and a 45" wide 9 dent reed. The loom also comes with a bench that has a storage bin under the seat and a small bin on each side. The wood is not as light as pictured in the images. The wood has a darker patina.

Macomber is a wonderful company that can easily replace any part of your loom. Each loom has a number on the side of the loom and from that they can replace any part that you accidentally break. A wonderful and perfect loom to use. It is easy to order additional harnesses from Macomber to increase your weaving possibilities. Please contact me with any questions or if you would prefer to see more images. The loom is pick up only in Rochester, NY 14625.

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