Five weaving books for sale

These books are in like-new condition and ship from central Florida.  

The Magic of Handweaving by Sigrid Piroch, c. 2004. Asking $$5.00 + shipping.

The Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book by Rachel Brown, Second Edition 1992. SOLD Asking $10.00 + shipping.

Sheer Delight by Doramay Keasbey, c.1990.  Asking $20.00 + shipping.

Weaving as an Art Form by Theo Moormanc. 1975. Asking $5.00 + shipping.

The Magic of Double Weave edited by Madelyn van der Hoogt, c.2006. SOLD Asking $15.00 + shipping.

If interested in any of these books. please contact by e-mail or by text or phone (607) 738-1964.


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