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AVL40 30" weaving width

AVL loom 40 shafts with 30" weaving width. Compu Dobby 3. Recently services, 8 solonoids were fixed and AVL put new RS 232. It is weaving Great without issue, but AVL stated it has circuit board issue and recommend to upgrade to CD4.5. Program used is weavepoint 6.4. 

Here's the spec:
30" weaving width
40 shafts 
1 reed 12 dpi
2" sectional beam that you can convert to 1" by buying more metal bracket through AVL 
Older Auto advanced system with multiple sizes ppi
Auto cloth storage system 
No sandpaper beam but it comes with soft cloth beam that work amazingly for all type of yarn. 
ELIFT system. 
Single box fly shuttle 
1 fly shuttle 

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AVL tension box

AVL Tension box.  Perfect condition-$150.  AVL has a used one for $215, new they go for $375.  Allows you to keep the cross as you beam the warp on a sectional beam.  This was made specifically for AVL looms but can easily be adapted to others.  Please contact me prrwow at gmail dot com for details and a picture or look for my ad on Ravelry here:


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Tools of the Trade Loom

Tools of the Trade Loom

4 harness, 6 treadles
I have changed the chains that connect the treadles to the harness with Texsol cords and pegs.

320 heddles and I have the old heddles also
comes with a Stainless steel 12 Dent reed
weaving width 30"

the treadles fold in and the breast beam and beater fold down (front) for easier threading
the back beam folds down for easier threading
it will fold to make a smaller package

dimensions roughly 40" by 30" height 42" ish

a great beginner loom!


I am having trouble adding photos! email me for more photos!



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Wanted:Tools of the Trade floor loom

I am looking for a Tools of the Trade floor loom.  I live in Ohio, but am willing to travel. My email address is;

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Lillstina 4 Harness 45" Floor Loom, Counterbalance, 6 Treadles, 3 Reeds

This is a Lillstina 45 inch counterbalance floor loom. Comes with a manual. Folds nicely to store or move. Has new hand-made string heddles, 6 treadles (two which are currently tied up in a plain weave) and three reeds. The reeds are as follows: a 45 inch 9 dent reed, a 10 dent 36 inch reed and a 3 dent 35 inch stainless reed. No other equipment comes with.  Asking $425.00, loom is located in Rochester NY.

This loom has the following due to age:

There are very small cracks in the wood with one larger crack in the right hand back beam side support. It had been previously repaired. The loom shows no known structural defects.

Slight rust on the metal parts and carbon reeds.

The beater is a swinging beater that has a slight 1/8" difference between the right and left side. It makes beating easier than I thought it would.

The loom can be used for fabric or rugs. Stronger loom than it looks and can take a tighter warp than at first glance.

Pick up only.  Please contact me for more images or if you would like to see the loom.

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Leclerc 36" 24s Weavebird for sale

For Sale


 Weavebird 36" 24s Leclerc
Latest v2 Like New(2 years old)
New list price $10290 
w/ 2nd Warp Beam list $550​ 
                              Total new $10840
To include as std with the loom
 Weavebirds include as factory standard


 » Interface Box
 » 1 Stainless Steel Reed
​ (12 dent your ​


 » Inserted Eye Heddles 
​12 1/2" ​
 » 1 End Feed Shuttle 6122-8000
 » 12 Pirns 6¼” 6133-6000
 » 1 Reed & Heddles Hooks 10 5/8” long 6140-1000
 » 2 Wood lease sticks
 » 4 Warp rods
 » Book: “Warp & Weave”
 » Assembly Instruction and Video
 » Aprons
 » 2 Years Warranty on all parts    
      ​w/ my personal 24/7 customer service.
       Most popular width and a beauty    Suggested  $6995     
       Call or eMail me and lets talk  
Tom Beaudet

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Woolhouse Julie 16" table loom - Price Reduced

Woolhouse Julie folding table loom: 16-inch weaving width,

*16 shafts

*texolv heddles

*12-dent reed

*loom extension


*lease sticks

*2 shuttles (one regular profile and one shorter profile)

*second warp beam

*quickshed device

Price: $550 plus 1/2 packing and shipping. See next item for packing and shipping costs.

Packing: The loom is in two boxes to save on shipping costs.  It was packed by the UPS store to assure that if damage occurred during shipping UPS could not claim that is was packed improperly.  That cost $76.

Shipping:  Box dimensions, to figure shipping to you from zip code 59808, are: 24 h x 15 d x 25 l and 13 h x 24 d x 45 l weight is about 20 lbs/box.  Figure insurance at $275/box.

Sorry the image is upside down, I couldn't get it to load upright--tried several times. email:; call or text 406-543-1454.

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In Search Of 8 Harness Table Loom

I'm a newly graduated textiles student looking for a used table loom. I definitely want 8 harnesses and would prefer if the weaving width was about 20"-24". Please let me know if you know of anything!

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LeClerc Colonial loom

8H, 10 T, 45" weaving width with storage bench, a couple of reeds, lots of heddles and bobbins, warping board. Asking $1,000 for all. Call Jan at (802) 896-6304.

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Table Loom (with table) for sale

This is an old table loom, that I bought at the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival.I also have weaving books and some tools that I will throw in, and the table my brother made that is the size of the loom. Asking $60. Pick up in Annapolis. We're moving and downsizing, so it has to go. It's 24" across the top, will weave cloth 18" side (I think -- I have not become a weaver which is one more reason it has to go.) 

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Harrisville Designs Four-Shaft Loom

For sale: Harrisville Designs 22", four-shaft, six-treadle loom – $400.

I have gotten a lot of enjoyment from this loom. I recently purchased an eight-shaft Harrisville loom; but because I don’t have space for both looms, I must sell the smaller one.

This loom would be ideal as a first loom or as a second loom for smaller projects and sampling. It is compact and easily portable and it weaves a full 22". It can be folded with the warp in place without disengaging the tie-up. It weighs approximately 60 lbs. The castle height is 42". The floor space when unfolded is 28" x 32". When folded it is 28" x 13".

I am in Concord, New Hampshire. If you are interested; please contact me at to discuss the details.




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FS: Norwood loom 50" 8H 14T

Gorgeous 8H 14T 50” Norwood cherry loom in excellent condition. 
Must sell due to upcoming move. 
Pick up only in Beebe, AR 72012.

Sectional beam, Reeds (6, 8, 12 dent), Matching Bench, tension box, 1,700+ inserted eye heddles, Lease sticks (10), 2 Leclerc temples (37.5” to 60”+), 1 homemade cherry temple, Cherry homemade horizontal warping mill.


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24" Beka Rigid Heddle Loom with Adjustable Stand $220

For sale is a 24" Beka Rigid Hedlle Loom with stand.  These looms are great for beginners and are also used by professionals.  Leightweight and portable.  Unique to the Beka Rigid Hedlle Looms are beam teeth for ease in warping.  These looms can easily handle up to 5 yards.  Includes 10 dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, and a pickup stick, and an Ashford sleigh hook.  Brand new the 24" is $159.99.  Included is a stand for the loom.  The stand brand new is $119.99.  Loom and Stand for $225.00, this includes shipping with insurance and tracking number.  This item has sold.


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Louet David For Sale

I have a Louet David floor loom for sale.  8 H/ 10/T, 70 cm (27 5/8 inches) wide. Sinking shed with over slung beater.  Friction break, extra string heddles.  Comes with instructional video, matching bench and a 12-dent reed.  Small footprint – 34 ¼ x 33 ½ x 50 inches.  66 lbs.  $2,200.  Email me if you are interested.

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Majacraft Overdrive Head, Flyer, and 2 Bobbins

This is the Overdrive Head that was designed by Majacraft to hold an enormous amount of spun yarn.  They claim it holds 5 times what one of their Jumbo bobbins will hold.  This Overhead drive was designed originally for the Aura spinning wheel, but with a few adjustments can be adapted to either the Majacraft Suzie or Rose wheels.  In order to do that, you remove two white washers (a phillips head screw driver is all that is needed) and you will need to obtain a band to accommodate either of those two wheels.  When I went in search of a humongous bobbins, this was the only one I found acceptable.  The special double drive system allows the bobbin to spin at the same tension whether it is full or empty.  I'm asking $400 and I'll pay the shipping.


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