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Rug tools
Punch needle kit 4 in 1 (4 points 1 adapter) $1.00
Rug punch needle #6 $1.00
Ye Sufan Burr Hooked Rug Machine $10.00
2 Adjustable punch needle for rugs and murals $6.00 each
7 Rug hooks various sizes $1.00 each
3 Latch hooks $1.00 each

2 Norwood cherry tension box $75 each
with 15, 12, 12, 8 dents

27” wood netting shuttles for rag rugs $5.00
10” plastic netting flat rag shuttle $5.00

Leclerc stick shuttles
21” $4.00
4 14” $2.00 each
2 10” $1.50 each
1 6” $1.50

7 Generic stick shuttle $10 for all of them
1 29”
1 24”
1 20
1 18”
1 16”
2 15”
1 13”

4 Shuttle sticks $10.00 for all
2 7”
3 8”
1 12”
1 15”

Mini wooden umbrella swift $25.00

1 30” tensioner missing 1 nail $25.00
1 26” tensioner missing 2 nails $25.00

Reeds: $20 each
12 dent 42” long x 5 ½ tall rough condition
3 slay hooks $3.00 each
1 6 ½”wood reed hook $2
1 4” metal reed hook $2
Nilus LeClerc loom crank $20

6 wood bobbins various sizes $16
Vertical tapestry loom LeClerc 
Small warping board $25.00

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Norm Hall Mariah Wheel for Sale

Beautiful Norm Hall Mariah wheel in pristine condition with lazy Kate and six bobbins. Signed and dated 2002, #52. Ships from FL. $5000. Current waiting list for this wheel is three years, and will soon be out of production. Please email me for more information:

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Card Weaving books and accessories

Creating with Card Weaving, by Sally Specht and Sandra Rawlings, Copyright 1973, paperback. Complete instructions on materials and how to set-up cards for weaving, plus project instructions.  

Card Weaving, by Candace Crockett, signed by author, copyright 1973, hardback (Back cover is water-damaged, but pages are ok and completely usable. History of card weaving, materials, how-to instructions and pattern drafts.

Wooden clamp for holding weaving  plus a set of twelve cards with four corner holes labelled A,B,C,D and one center hole.      Asking $10 + shipping.  Contact information:  E-mail or call 607-738-1964.


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Little Guy Mirrix Loom

Loom with Shedding Device.

These are the best looms on the market for bead weaving and Tapestry work. One year old. 
I am downsizing to a smaller Loom for beading purposes only.  If purchased new would be $280.  Asking $225.000 plus shipping and insurance.  Paypal only.

Comes with: 
8, 10, 12, 14, 18 Dents 
1 Set of Extra clips 
1 Extra set of Screws 
1 Wrench



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Toika EEVA 8 harness, 10 treadle 40” countermarch loom with Texsolve Polyester heddles

Visit to see more photos of the loom and all the extras.

The Eeva Loom features a hanging beater and is the typical Scandinavian loom, ideal for rug weaving and excellent for all other weaving. The large side opening allows for easy access to warp and tie-up and features an easy-to-operate cog wheel brake system. The loom is in excellent condition and comes from a smoke free home.


Adjustable height Loom bench

Extra Texsolve Polyester heddles and tie up cord


Warping board

Stainless steel reeds:

8 epi 37” wide

10 epi 40” wide

12 epi 37” wide


2 single boat shuttles

1 double boat shuttle

2 ski shuttles

1 rag rug shuttle

Bobbin Winders: 1 manual and 1 electric

Handwoven magazines complete collection from 1980 to 2007 and several issues from 2009 to 2012.

16 back copies of Vav Magasinet

Assorted Weaving books

Yarn:  several hundred pounds of top shelf yarns including rayon chenille, silk, linen, tencel, organic cotton and more.

Only $3500 for the entire package!

Loom is located in Pepperell MA

Visit to see more photos of the loom and all the extras.

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Mirrix 16" Little Sister Tapestry loom w/accessories

Mirrix 16" Big Sister Tapestry Loom with Bottom Spring Kit with 8, 12, 14 and 18 dent warp coils and Pre-Made Texsolv Heddles. Brand new, never used, in the box. Will sell all for $300. Will pay half of shipping. 

I am selling the Mirrix because I was gifted another tapestry loom that I have been using. 

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Fiber-y books

Books are a "first pass" going through my fiber library - because I can't, alas, keep them all, wonderful as they are.  Unless otherwise noted, they're hardcover.  Prices have been checked on Amazon and they're lower than prices charged there; shipping will need to be added.  They're in good condition, from a non-smoking home. Buy any five and I'll throw in an extra for free to enjoy during the long winter.   There's a time limit because I live in a small house: by the week before Christmas, they're either gone or donated to the local library.  Contact me with what you'd like at and I'll get back to you with shipping costs.  Paypal, please.


Hower, Virginia "Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing, a Beginner's Manual"  $5.50

Black, Mary "New Key to Weaving" $3

Knitting and crochet

Epstein, Nicky "Knitting on Top of the World" $19

Durant, Judith "101 Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders" $10

Vogue Knitting (1989)  $7

Swepson, Ruth Maria "Designer Knits" $1.75

"Pure New Wool Designer Knitwear Collection $2

Ehrman, Hugh "Designer Knitting" $2

Kolstad, Lise "More Sweaters" $1.75 (paperback)

"Better Homes and Gardens Crocheting and Knitting" $1

Gronsand, Sally ann "Storybook Crochet"  $1.75

Gammon, Joy "Large Print Knitting" $3

Mathieson, Elizabeth "The Complete Book of Crochet" $2.50

Jo Sharp "Knitted Sweater Style: Inspirations in Color $2 - why do I have two copies?  somehow, I do!

"Jean Moss Book of World Knits" $1.50

Christine Clever "Clever Knits Great Looks for Kids" $1.50 (paperback)


Beinecke, Mary Ann "Basic Needlery Stitches on Mesh Fabrics" (paperbound) $1.50

Smith, Barbara Lee  "Celebrating the Stitch" $10 - new, never opened, sealed

Wells, Carol Wilcox "Creative Bead Weaving" $13.50


McMorris, Penny "Crazy Quilts"   $2

Gordon, Maggi "The Ultimate Quilting Book" $5

Soltow, Willow "Kid's Very Own Quilt Book" 2.50


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8-ft. Weaving width AVL mech. Dobby Rug Loom for $2200

8-shaft 8-foot AVL mechanical dobby loom for sale.  Includes one 8-dent reed, air assist treadling, inserted eye heddles, sliding weighted beater, tension box rail on the back and worm gear tensioning on cloth beam.  Excellent condition.  Please email for questions:

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12-shaft 48" weaving width Macomber Type B Loom

I am selling the following items:

12-shaft B type Macomber loom in excellent working order 
75 Texsolv cords (along with the traditional Macomber steel hooks) for the 14 treadles
2000 (approx.) inserted-eye heddles (approx. 5 years old)
10 repair heddles
3 reeds: 5 dent, 8 dent, and 12 dent
Solid maple weaving bench with storage under the seat (originally owned by Ruth Herron, an esteemed weaving teacher for the Weavers' Guild of Rochester)
Buyer must pick up as it can't be shipped. The price is $2000. 
Questions, please email me at dkovn[at]


Denise Kovnat, Rochester, NY

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Tools of the Trade Loom

Tools of the Trade Floor Loom

This is a vintage Tools of the Trade floor loom in working condition. The loom has a leather square nailed to the frame which says,"Tools of the Trade Made in Fair Haven, Vermont." 
4 harnesses and 6 treadles. 
41” tall by 40” wide.
It comes with a 24" 10 dent reed and 714 heddles.
This loom has a Sectional Warping Beam.  I have never seen another TOTT with this feature.
Most if not all of the loom is original as far as I can tell.
This loom folds for easier threading and for transportation.  
Florida only.  I don’t ship.  


Asking $300 obo.

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Rayon Chenille in warm colors plus cone of gold colored rayon

Rayon chenille in warm colors: rust, yellow, gold, champagne = one cone of gold rayon varied thickness thread.  Total weight 53.5 oz. (3.3 lb.)  Asking $20 + shipping from central Florida.

Please contact Linda Hansee 607-738-1964 by phone or text or e-mail


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Natural dyed looped and brushed mohair and fine wool yarn in shadews of brown

Natural dyed looped and brushed mohair and fine wool, dyed using black walnut hulls and varied mordants.  Total weight: 33.5 oz. (2 + lbs.) This is one of two lots of brown natural dyed mohair and wool.  See earlier posting as well. Asking $50. + shipping from central Florida.  Please contact Linda Hansee 607-738-1964 by phone or text or e-mail

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Variegated yarns various fiber content in shades of red and mauve

Red/mauve wool plus 1 skein hand-dyed viscose from Nepal, all hand-dyed variegated shades of red and mauve 22.8 oz. (1.4 lbs.)  Asking $40 + shipping from Central Florida.  Please contact Linda Hansee 607-738-1964 by phone or text or e-mail

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Variegated wool and chenille in shades of blue

 Wool and chenille, hand-dyed using commercial dyes in shades of blues 22.2 oz. (1.3 lbs.)  Asking $15 + shipping from central Florida.  Please contact Linda Hansee 607-738-1964 by phone or text or e-mail

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Collection of hand-painted loop mohair in variegated colors

 Looped mohair in variegated colors.  I bought these at art shows as hand-painted skeins which were dyed using commercial dyes.  Each skein has variegated colors. Contact me for specifics on colors if interested, but most are in the blue, green, lavender family of colors.  28.3 oz. (1.75 lbs.)  I paid over $5.00 an oz. for these when new.  Asking $100  + shipping from central Florida, or best offer.  Please contact Linda Hansee 607-738-1964 by phone or text or e-mail

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