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spinning wheel for sale

I have a Country Craftsman Spinning Wheel for sale. I would like 325.oo for it. It has some different spindles that go with it also.
can call me at 407 414-7182 or email me at swhitt9536@aol.com

Lendrum DT Spinning Wheel

Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel in excellent cond. approx. 1 year old for sale. Comes with 4 bobbins, tensioned kate, regular head with ratios of 6, 8, and 10 to 1, and padded navy blue carry case. Price: $575 plus shipping. Photos available. Call 870-997-1368 or email: meglass@gmail.com

Louet S10 Double treadle wheel

Planning a cross-country move and need to downsize. Selling my Louet S10, double treadle. $375. Email thomas.susan60@gmail.com or call Sue 802-338-1042


Craftsmith 4 Pitch English combs, Excellent condition. Can send photos. Located in Rochester, N.Y. Asking $325. Will ship if you pay shipping charge.Contact Debbie at 585-442-2989 or d.santolla@rochester.rr.com

Norm Hall Production Spinning Wheel

Beautiful Norm Hall Cherry Production Spinning Wheel. Has 5 bobbins, lazy kate and distaff is free standing attached to lazy kate. Can send photos. Located in Rochester,N.Y. This wheel is in Excellent Condition. Asking $4,250. Contact Debbie at d.santolla@rochester.rr.com or at 585-442-2989

4 Extra Shaft Kit for 'Old Colonial Leclerc Loom

4 Jacks
4 Harness Frames (45")
4 Lams
4 Treadles
1 Treadle Set Axle Rod for (8) harness
2 Push nuts for Treadle Set
4 Cords Connecting Lams to Jacks
8 Cords Connecting Harness Frames to Jacks
12 Steel Washers
1 Support Rod for Treadle Springs
6 Eyelets for Central Cross Member
10 Treadle Springs
36 Treadle Cords
String Heddles

Never used $840.00 new, asking $450.00

E-mail: peter@tidewater.net

Picture available upon request

FS: Schacht DT Cherry Matchless

I am selling the wheel and its original equipment (4 bobbins, adjustable strap, Schacht kate, threading hook, and 2 whorls - medium and fast).

I am also selling a bulky flyer package (never used - still in its box), 2 additional bobbins, and 4 additional whorls (extra slow, slow, high speed and super high speed) - all are in matching cherry.

I am the original owner - the wheel has only been used for a few hours of spinning, spins like a dream and is in perfect condition. It is the Anniversary edition - from late 2009. I sadly do not have room for it - why it never gets used.

Kromski Polonaise Spinning Wheel

Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel for sale. Pick up only; Windsor, Connecticut. In good condition. Includes stool, two whorls, six bobbins, lazy kate, and threading needle. Asking $550.00. Contact me at Scruggs.ophelia@gmail.com or (860)899-9716. Text messages are fine.

Timbertops Sherwood wheel FOR SALE

I am selling my cherished wheel made by Jim Williamson in the mid 80s. It is fast, comfortable, and beautiful.

Double treadle, right hand flyer
Drive wheel is 31 inches in diameter
Natural oak
4 bobbins
6 ratios from 12 to 17 on 3 whorls
Double drive

I am located in SW Connecticut. Pick up only. $1500.
Please email me for photos. vfsen@optonline.net

Antique spinning wheel, fully restored

The wheel looks to be eastern European.
She has kept it in beautiful condition, it has new leathers for the flyer, one bobbin, the flyer can be switched from left to right, it treadles easily. It has been fumigated as it has old worm holes and is completely clean and worm free.

FS Mattson Mora Swedish Bobbin Quill Winder

Mattson Mora Swedish Bobbin Winder (No. 2) in excellent, shiny condition. Winds smoothly and clamps to table. $75 plus $5 toward shipping from 53913. cottageinthecity@yahoo.com

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Spin-Off, The Joy of Socks, REPRINT

Reprinted copy of the Spin-Off Winter 1992 Sock Issue. This copy is in almost new condition. Never used as I found my original copy.

$5 + shipping. This reprint has no ads and can therefore ship media mail. Paypal accepted.


Cotswold Colored Fleeces, freshly shorn

8/18 Freshly shorn (4) Cotswold colored fleeces. smilingbearnewfandsheeplodge. Sorted, little VM. Brown, silver, grey, black. Respectively, 10 lb, 7.5 lb, 7.5 lb, 6 lb. Mix 10/lb. $5/lb scraps. Need shipping preference please. Email to : jandrsmith@wavecable.com.

Judie Smith
5226 Peterson Rd SE Port Orchard WA 98367

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