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Ashford Kiwi (IMG_1544.JPG)

Ashford Kiwi (IMG_1544.JPG)

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Ashford Kiwi

The Ashford Kiwi is prized for its economical design and host of basic but solid features. This is a double treadle wheel with both a standard and jumbo flyer. The standard flyer has the traditional hooks while the jumbo flyer uses a sliding guide to move the fiber as little or as much as you like. There are 3 standard bobbins and 4 jumbo bobbins. These bobbins are all useable on the jumbo flyer.

Kromski Polonaise Eastern European with matching stool and lamp

Downsizing spinning and weaving studio: Kromski Polonaise wheel with matching stool and lamp. Asking $650.00. Pick up in Virginia. Email fahyerock@icloud.com

Kromski Mazurka castle wheel with matching stool and floor lamp

First edition Kromski Mazurka castle wheel (retired) with matching stool and floor lamp. Asking $450.00. Pick up in Virginia. Email fahyerock@icloud.com

Great Wheel circa 1807

Shaker Great Wheel signed "FW". This is the mark of Francis Winkley trustee of the Canterbury, NH shaker community from 1807-1828. This is an exceptional wheel in excellent condition. The horn cuff is perfect. Its Minor's head still retains the original label. Height of wheel 59.5". Diameter of wheel 49". Asking $795.00
Pick up in Virginia. Email fahyerock@icloud.com

Lightly used carding & spinning equipment for sale

Louet Drum Carder (Classic), 7 1/2" width drum, 42tpsi, with doffer brush and table clamps, no doffer pin $350

5-Tier English Combs, pair with protective cases, no base $150

Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel, single treadle, convertible between double drive and single with Scotch tension $300

Louet Spinning Wheel, possibly recent S70 series?, single treadle, Irish tension $300

Hand cards, 2 pairs (Clemes & Clemes and Ashford) $20/pair

Flick carder, Clemes & Clemes) $15

Lendrum DT Spinning Wheel - $500

Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel in excellent cond.- one year old. Comes with 4 bobbins, tensioned Kate and padded navy blue carry bag. $500 plus shipping. Email: meglass@gmail.com. Or call 870-997-1368 (photos available)

22" Harrisville Design Loom for sale

For sale: 22" Harrisville Design 4-harness direct tie-up loom with bench, castle storage tray, raddle and 8 and 12 dent reeds. The 12 dent is stainless steel. Located near Orlando, FL . Asking $400. Free pick-up or buyer pays shipping. Excellent condition. This loom sells for $1175.00 new on HD website. Contact Linda at 607-738-1964 or e-mail LHansee@aol.com.

Oak Inkle Looms

Two Inkle Looms for Sale: one bigger, one littler; both made of oak. Think mother and daughter, student and teacher or, just twice as much fun! $40 each or $75 together. Please email for photos. Thanks, elise.r.earl@gmail.com

Open House and Big Sale

Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio is having an Open House, and huge downsizing SALE.
Among the things to go:
Macomber loom, 32", 4 harness, with sectional beam.
Reed Ideal Loom with production wheel, 2 harness, 36"
Cranbrook loom, 4 harness, 60" wide, sectional.
Tapestry loom.
Inkle looms
Warping boards
AVL warp wheel.
fabric rolls,
over 600 cones of thread/yarn
and much more.

Saturday October 11th, 2014 10am-4pm
3835 State Rte 4 Hudson Falls NY
call me 518-747-4147, or email me crazyasaloom@aol.com for more information

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