Spinning wheels

ST Schacht Matchless wheel/bulky flyer

Hi all. My sweet dog needs a total hip replacement so I have to sell my almost brand new Schacht Single Treadle Matchless. I bought this wheel in May and have only spun three skeins on it. It spins beautifully. I loved it immediately so bought the bulky flyer/bobbins package that one can also use with the wheel...and I've never even opened that package so it is completely new!

ISO Hansen E-spinner

I am looking for a gently used Hansen e-spinner. I am not picky about the wood, just want one in decent condition at a reasonable price. Contact me at sewwhatsports@yahoo.com


Hand carders WANTED

I am looking for a pair of USED hand carders:)
one_ makeup_ artist@yahoo.com


Hi Everyone,

Posted a blog post last week telling everyone that in December I have to pay almost $200. to keep this page up. If I don;t get donations I cannot pay this myself and continue to keep the ads free. PLEASE help me with this fee.

Thank you
List owner

I do not get the fees from chip in. Those are strictly for the Young writers. You would need to send me a check for a donation for the web site fees! Please remember if I can;t get this covered there will be no site for you to place your ads as I will have to close this list. Thank you

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