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ISO Hansen E-spinner

I am looking for a gently used Hansen e-spinner. I am not picky about the wood, just want one in decent condition at a reasonable price. Contact me at sewwhatsports@yahoo.com


Hand carders WANTED

I am looking for a pair of USED hand carders:)
one_ makeup_ artist@yahoo.com

Used ashford country spinning wheel WANTED!

I am looking for a USED ashford counrty spinning wheel!
Contact me at
one_ makeup_artist@yahoo.com


Antique Quebec Tilt Tension Spinning Wheels

For Sale: Functional Antique Quebec Tilt Tension Spinning Wheels. $350. to $550.
Local pick up only. Can not be shipped.
To view my inventory of these wheels please go to my web site: Magnuswools.com

Trade: Kromski Polonaise for Kromski Prelude

For trade, a Kromski Polonaise spinning wheel with lazy kate, two bobbins, wheel oil, thread needle and two whorls (needs a drive band) FOR a dark stained Kromski Prelude with same accessories. For pick up only please as this is a large wheel; I live in Windsor, Connecticut. You can contact me at scruggs.ophelia@gmail.com. Also, please contact me if you would like a photograph of the Kromski Polonaise as I can not figure out how to post a photo yet.

J-Made 16 shaft Walnut loom

J-Made, 48", 16 shaft Walnut loom, one owner. This loom is beautiful and has all of the features J-Made looms are known for. The brake release is a worm gear and can be adjusted by small increments. The loom is a jack loom but has J-Made's unique system of counterbalancing the shafts with heavy duty elastic cords (like a bungee). Because of this system the loom has lighter treadling than most 16 shaft looms. The loom comes with a piano style bench, tons of inserted eye heddles, a 10 and 12 dent reed, raddle and a second beam. $4000, reasonable offers considered.

Sabrina Travel Wheel (image.jpg)

Sabrina Travel Wheel (image.jpg)

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Sabrina Travel Wheel

Four month old Sabrina. Made by Carson Cooper in July of 2013. Cherry with burled maple accents. $750. Please call 720-219-4355. Thank you for looking.

Jensen Tina II

Brand new Tina II. Cherry, double treadle, has not even been unpacked. $1500 plus shipping. Please call 720-219-4355. Thank you for looking.

12H LeClerc Loom - full package

LeClerc Nilart, circa 1947

36", 12H/14T

new supplemental warp beam
all new inserted-eye heddles (1000+)
10 and 12 dent reeds
handmade "angel wings" warp tensioner
extra brake cords
large leclerc bench with open ends (new)
large roll of heavy kraft paper (warp separator)

Available for pickup in western North Carolina.

$1750 takes all

Email Lois - lois@fibergypsy.com or lbcreeksong@gmail.com

Norman Hall Wheel for sale.

Norman Hall Non-Pariel Spinning Wheel for sale. It is in excellent condition, comes with a lazy kate, 6 bobbins total. I absolutely love this wheel and never expected that I would consider selling it. Health conditions dictate otherwise, so now I am willing to part with it.
Local pick up only, It can be viewed in Indianapolis, IN. Selling price is $3200.00. Email me @ pjpala56@gmail.com for pics, I cannot get one uploaded on this site.


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