Spinning wheels

Lendrum foldable spinning wheel

Lendrum single treadle spinning wheel with custom artwork. It's in perfect condition!

Babe Liten Spindel (Charkha)

Babe Liten Spindel for sale. It's a PVC charkha for spinning cotton or wild fiber wool art yarn.

The new price is $145.95. Asking $70, plus shipping. Comes with one spindle and drive band. It will break down so that the vertical pieces can be packed horizontally but the bottom frame was glued.

Local pickup would be available in the Lakes Region of NH -or- in Nashua, NH on a weekday from my husband.

Please email granitemist(at)yahoo(dot)com if interested.

Lendrum Double Treadle Spinning Wheel- Wisconsin

Lendrum Original Double treadle spinning wheel. I have had it for about 5-6 years but it has not been used often (two small boys keep me away from it). In great condition. I have 3 bobbins, lazy Kate, but cannot find the threading hook. Wheel diameter is 19". Orifice size is 7/16". Ratios: 6, 8, and 10 to 1. Travel bag included. Also have raw wool if interested. Asking price is $400.

Would not like to ship. If I do ship you would have to pay additional charges for box, protection, and shipping costs. I am located in SE Wisconsin.

Lendrum Walnut Plying Head

Lendrum Walnut Jumbo Plying Head
Great to ply two or more bobbins of yarn to create one big skein of yarn. Or if you like to spin big chunky art yarn this bobbin will work too because of the large orifice 1” in diameter.
Plying head mother-of-all with scotch tension knob, string & band, plying flyer, one large bobbin & drive band for plying head. Ratio: 5, 7, 9
The Walnut Lendrum plying head is finished with a warm tone. Resists, little to none, to changes of seasonal humidity because of the finish.

ST Schacht Matchless wheel/bulky flyer

Hi all. My sweet dog needs a total hip replacement so I have to sell my almost brand new Schacht Single Treadle Matchless. I bought this wheel in May and have only spun three skeins on it. It spins beautifully. I loved it immediately so bought the bulky flyer/bobbins package that one can also use with the wheel...and I've never even opened that package so it is completely new!

ISO Hansen E-spinner

I am looking for a gently used Hansen e-spinner. I am not picky about the wood, just want one in decent condition at a reasonable price. Contact me at sewwhatsports@yahoo.com


Hand carders WANTED

I am looking for a pair of USED hand carders:)
one_ makeup_ artist@yahoo.com

63" 10s/12t Glimakra Standard

I purchased this loom, but ended up favoring my other looms as I haven't needed to weave full-width as much as I had anticipated. It is a beautiful loom and served me very well on the few projects I wove on it. I will be sad to see it go, but I need to free up the space and funds... :-(

The loom is in excellent condition, and comes with the following:

- 10 and 12 dent reeds
- sectional warp beam attachments, not currently installed
- wide, matching Glimakra bench
- ~1000 heddles
- warp sticks
- asking $4000

Used ashford country spinning wheel WANTED!

I am looking for a USED ashford counrty spinning wheel!
Contact me at
one_ makeup_artist@yahoo.com


Antique Quebec Tilt Tension Spinning Wheels

For Sale: Functional Antique Quebec Tilt Tension Spinning Wheels. $350. to $550.
Local pick up only. Can not be shipped.
To view my inventory of these wheels please go to my web site: Magnuswools.com

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