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Ad titles there, but content blank

I'm having trouble with the site.  I can see the titles of the ads, but can't see any content.  And the browse/search isn't working for me either.  I am logged in and am still stumped.  Any help would be welcome.



Sources of moth-proofed tapestry yarns

I'd like to know where some of the tapestry weavers get quality yarns that have been moth-proofed, and that come in a variety of colors. 

Fiber Processing....Whom Do You Use (& Why?)

Greetings all....Geoff....this has become a beautiful thing you've done...many thanks for the new site!


This site

Hello. As the builder of this site, I've tried to keep things simple and uncluttered, but it would be great to know what else you might like to have on this site to help you with sale of your items and/or contact with a seller. So join in the discussion!

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