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I'am baffle

mypast user name was ebcotton I was a long time user of this site < was on here when the girls was youg I purchased, sold and donated and now I can't undersrand anything that here,I have been ill since 2011 and now partical blind .Loved this site ,but it has me stumped ,if you have a guide please post it .my buisness is rushes weaving .Thank you

Question regarding ads

I am wondering what has happened to the ads, images and descriptions.  For months I have been unable to see any ads. Is there some secret that I don't know about? Very frustrating.  Any explanation will be helpful. Thanks.


Scam attempt

I currently have an ad up. This morning I received an email asking me if the equipment is still available. I responded affirmatively. The next email I received was this:

This site

Hello. As the builder of this site, I've tried to keep things simple and uncluttered, but it would be great to know what else you might like to have on this site to help you with sale of your items and/or contact with a seller. So join in the discussion!

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