Wanted: Patrick Green Super Card

Looking for a Patrick Green super Carder. I live in northern California, but am willing to pay shipping. If you have one in good shape that is just sitting in your back closet, please consider selling it! Thank you. 


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2- Schacht Curved Wool Carders

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Schacht Curved Hand Carders

Schacht Curved Hand Carders.  8" x 5".  Like New.

$50 for pair plus shipping to your zip code, or pickup in SE Wisconsin.

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Wanted: Pat Green carder/blender

I just took my first fiber preparation class and fell in love with the Pat Green carder I used (we got to play with lots of different ones) the company is no longer producing them, they're nowhere to be found online...I just keep hoping someone has one stashed away that they no longer use!

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Louet mini combs and Clemens cotton carders

 Louet mini combs, double row tines.  In good shape. $80.

 Clemes  cotton carders, curved backs, in good shape. $50.

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WANTED: Production Drum for Patrick Green "Deb's Delicate Deluxe" Carder

I'm looking for a Production drum (the coarser drum) for a Patrick Green Deb's Delicate Deluxe drum carder.  I'm willing to pay shipping cost for the drum to Oregon.  

Please contact me at   if you have one to sell.

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