AVL 40" 4H6T Home Loom for sale...

AVL Home Loom for sale in Southern California. 40" weaving width, 4 harness, 6 treadles. It has Texsolv heddles and the wonderful side tie-up system, so no more climbing under the loom. It's upgradeable to 8 harnesses. Included:

The loom with matching bench, a raddle, 24 warping sticks, 3 reeds (20, 12, 12), 3 lease sticks, 2 boat shuttles, a 24" Schacht ski shuttle, a threading hook, 3 large cones of alpaca yarn and 1 of rug yarn.

BABY MAC 20" 8 Harness MACOMBER Loom

MACOMBER 20” 8 harness BABY MAC (CP Portable Loom) with sectional beam. Also one plain warp beam (removed for the sectional beam), a ratchet brake system, 12 dent reed, inserted eye heddles, and the super hooks for tie-ups. Great workshop loom. Fits in sedan size trunk. Asking $600. Prefer pickup near Knoxville, TN. Please email gin2weave@bellsouth.net.

FS Mattson Mora Swedish Bobbin Quill Winder

Mattson Mora Swedish Bobbin Winder (No. 2) in excellent, shiny condition. Winds smoothly and clamps to table. $75 plus $5 toward shipping from 53913. cottageinthecity@yahoo.com

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old looms very old needs work 3 total 1 large 1 table top 1 mini ostlind loom


FS: Small countermarch. Washington DC. $900 OBO

FS: Small countermarch. Washington DC. $900 OBO.

Berga Dalia (a re-branded Varpa Karelia) horizontal countermarch floor loom. Originally 4 shafts, 6 treadles, expanded to 8 shafts, 10 treadles with Glimakra parts.

2 Gilmore Looms for sale in Middle Tennessee

2 Gilmore Looms for sale #1. 48 inch 4 harness 15 DENT REED no bench great condition I just wove a project on it. #2. a 40 inch 8 harness 12 DENT reed no bench $800 each delivery in close proximity a possibility. The looms are 9 miles from Murfreesboro TN 37149 call rj 615 542 1930 email for photos rjhadle@gmail.com

LeClerc Artisat Loom

4 shaft, 6 treadles, it is a great starter package. A sturdy loom that includes a bench, 12 dent reed, sley hook, heddle hook, warping pegs and clamps, oodles of heddles and the book Warp and Weave by Robert Leclerc. Must be picked up in Southern Maine, $600 Reply to lwlincoln@gmail.com Photos available on request.

40" 4H Macomber loom

40" 4H 8 treadle loom that has been completely refurbished to new condition. It has a new plain beam installed but also comes with a sectional beam. $1000 or best offer. Located in Lawrence, Kansas. I'll have to email pictures. For some reason they would not upload! nancylbell@sunflower.com

AVL 16h mechanical dobby

Weaves 39-40" wide, overall dimensions 64" wide, 40-48" ftb. Has sandpaper front beam, plain and sectional warp beams (can be used together), lots of texsolv heddles. About 50 peg bars and lots of pegs, pegging tool. (In case you don't know, pegging a pattern is really easy.) Comes with integral bench. Bought reconditioned from AVL in 2010, lightly used and well cared for. Works very well, but I need to downsize. Asking $4000.

WTB Tapestry Loom 36" - 60"

I am wanting to buy a tapestry loom. Looking for an up right loom, either a fireside to shannook. 36"-60".
Contact me at dfs@davidfschuster.com

Harrisville A/6-22" 4 harness, 6 treadle Folding Floor Loom and warping board

Harrisville A/6-22" 4 harness, 6 treadle Folding Floor Loom

Used, $700

Looking for a good home! This loom currently sells new, assembled from Harrisville Designs for $1,175.00.

This is a great compact loom. Perfect as a first loom or as a second loom to have for smaller projects and sampling.

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