Looms and Weaving Misc. for Sale

1) 40" Macomber 16 harness floor loom with bench - $1,000.00 or best offer.
2) 40" Gilmore 8 harness floor loom with bench - $900.00 or best offer.
3) 15" Louette 8 harness table loom with stand - $300.00 or best offer.
4) 18" rigid heddle table loom - $40.00 or best offer.
5) 12" antique counterbalanced table loom - $15.00 or best offer.
6) Miscellaneous weaving supplies, books and fibers.
All items must be picked up in Sarasota, FL. Photos available for serious buyers. Contact: Sue McGrath, sue.bill.mcgrath@gmail.com

& foot Triangle loom (triloom1.jpg)

& foot Triangle loom (triloom1.jpg)

This image was uploaded with the post & foot Triangle loom.

& foot Triangle loom

The loom includes the stand, shuttles, and "How TO" vides. Depending upon where you live we could meet you. I will not ship the loom for fear of damage.
Price $300.
email: nickandjudy@att.net

Reeds for Looms

Never used 26" reed, dent 15 - $20.00 plus shipping.
Used 22" reed, dent 6 - $15.00
Used 40" reed - dent 18 - $20.00
Used 40" reed, dent 15 - @20.00

Please email your interest to: nickandjudy@att.net

For Sale

Glimakra Loom 120cm 10 shafts countermarch horizontal. 12 dent SS reed, Double warp beam, new apron, raddle, lamm pins, heddle holders, Opphamta attachment with counter balance horizontal. I have all manuals and translated booklet for Opphamta-10 shaft drawbridge, 1000 damask pattern heddles and Opphamta heddles Asking $4,000. Will not ship. SWFL Also have and will included Joanne Hall's book "Tying up the Countermarch Loom" pictures on request. Thanks. email me @ raku9@yahoo.com

40" 8 shaft 10 treadle Harrisville western MA

8S 10 Treadle Harrisville Loom. New shaft cables. Pick up only. Northampton Ma area. $1500.00. Email me at aiming4grace@gmail.com

Schacht floor loom for sale

8H, 10T Schacht 46" high castle maple loom, with raddle and 12 dent reed. Purchased new in 2005.
$2,500 OBO

Amy Somerstein
Norwich, VT

Norwood 22" Cherry Workshop Loom

Downsizing spinning and weaving studio. Norwood 22" Cherry Workshop Loom, four harness, four treadle made in the 1980's. Asking $750.00. Pick up in Virginia. Email fahyerock@icloud.com

Gilmore Loom for sale

Gilmore Loom for sale. 8 Shafts, 12 treadles, 40” weaving width, 10 dent reed, flat steel heddles. Built in the 1940s loom, refurbished by Gilmore. I replaced the sectional beam with a plain back beam, but kept the original sectional and that’s included. In great working order; I rarely weave at this width and I need the studio space. I'm not succeeding at uploading photographs, but would be happy to send some. Loom is located in midcoast Maine; pick up only. $1400. amybluefeet@gmail.com

Lendrum DT Spinning Wheel - $500

Lendrum double treadle spinning wheel in excellent cond.- one year old. Comes with 4 bobbins, tensioned Kate and padded navy blue carry bag. $500 plus shipping. Email: meglass@gmail.com. Or call 870-997-1368 (photos available)

Tablet weaving books (tablet book 2.JPG)

Tablet weaving  books (tablet book 2.JPG)

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Tablet weaving books

Tablet weaving books:
"Woven Images, Unravelled Motifs"for double faced tablet woven bands from Burma,Tibet and Tunisia by Otfried Staudigel. Purchased this summer for $58. Like new $25 plus media mail shipping.

"Tablet Weaving Magic"Patterns from Oriental Countries and 25 patterns in plain tablet weave by Otfried Staudigel. Purchased this summer for $39, Like new $25 plus media mail shipping


Tablet weaving books (tablet book.JPG)

Tablet weaving  books (tablet book.JPG)

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16s Table Loom From Montana Looms

Beautifully constructed 16 harness, 16" weaving width table loom. In perfect condition. Serves very nicely as a sampling loom. Comes with 12 dent reed and texsolv heddles.

Asking $800

Must pick up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Please email milwaukee.weaver@gmail.com with any questions.

Free Harrisville 4 harness/4 treadle floor loom

Harrisville Floor Loom - 4 harness/4 treadle (circa 1978). Loom is in very good condition. Would like to give to someone just beginning on their own weaving adventure. Loom must be pick up from my home (Manchester, New Hampshire).

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