8 Harness Crandbrook Loom - Made by Norwood $2600

This is a beautiful 8 harness countermache loom built in Freemont michigan - It comes with several reeds, a bench, its manual and many extras - I love but have recently moved to Tucson and do not have room for it - I have made rugs, blankets and scarfs on it. Cash only No shipping of course its too big

Barb in Tucson AZ 520-744-6745

Barbara V loom for sale

I have a Thoughtful Products Barbara V loom for sale. It is 60" weaving width, 8 shafts 10 treadles. It can be set up for countermarch or jack weaving. Included is the tapestry attachment. Perfect condition, beautiful light mahogany wood. I installed a ratchet braking system for great tension. If you would like pictures please email me. Price is 400.00. It needs to be picked up and will fit in the back of a van. I am in Connecticut. M.Finan@hrrc.com.

FS 12.5 inch Insertion eye heddles, $14 hundred

Attached is a picture of a Macomber insertion eye heddle (right) on the left is a bundle of 100 insertion eye heddles I had custom made.

I have on hand 50,000 (41,400)insertion eye wire heddles,12.5 inch

These heddles are nickel plated 24 gage wire with a 3/16 (W) x 1/4 (L) eye.

100 heddles, $16
500 heddles, $15.50 hundred
1000 heddles, $14 hundred plus shipping from Georgia.

I fully guarantee them, if you don’t love them return them for a full refund less shipping cost.

They are pre strung and sold in bundles of 100 only

Schacht 20" Rigid Heddle Loom

Schacht 20” Rigid Heddle Loom, purchased new in 2006; this is the older model that doesn’t fold. Includes Trestle I floor stand, table stand with clamps, warping peg with clamp, heddle hook, 12” stick shuttle, and four heddles: one 8-dent, one 12-dent, and two 10-dent . Excellent condition, $250 with pick-up in Hancock, N.H. preferred; can arrange delivery within 50 miles if needed. Contact Cindy at mollystb@hotmail.com or call 603-525-3456.

FS Louet Megado

Louet Megado 130
32 shaft - Electronic Dobby
51" weaving width floor loom.


Sectional Warp Beam / can be removed to be a plain beam
2 stainless steel reeds - 10 and 15 dent
50+ texsolve heddles per harness - extra heddles not yet on the loom
Large built in shelf
Built in raddle
Lease Sticks
Packing Sticks
Matching Louet adjustable Bench
W - 71.25"
D - 50"
H - 51 5/8"

Weight: Approximately 240 pounds

Toika Yarn Swift and Stand & Varpa Loom Parts for sale

I have a Toika yarn swift and stand for sale, holds multiple swifts and is very sturdy - asking $70

I also have 8 Varpa lams for a 120 cm loom and 8 upper jacks - $50

130 cm cloth protector for a Glimakra loom - $10

Contact thebloominloom@gmail.com


ISO Ashford 12" Knitters Loom STAND

if any one has one they don't use or ??
reply to

ISO AVL warping wheel

Looking for an AVL warping wheel

Contact Dawn


Floor Loom (loom 1.jpg)

Floor Loom (loom 1.jpg)

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Floor Loom (loom2.jpg)

Floor Loom (loom2.jpg)

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Looking for countermarch loom

I'm looking for a 4 shaft or more countermarch loom with a weaving width of at least 48". Prefer a loom that can be setup with more shafts as needed. Willing to go to VA, MD, DC, DE, WV, and PA. Would consider NY and NJ.

Contact: sunnyandgray@gmail.com

WANTED! AN ANTIQUE FLOOR LOOM~~have one that needs a new home?

I am looking for an antique loom to use for historical demonstrations.
My criteria:

~4 shafts
~floor loom (not table loom)
~24+/- inches in weaving width
~not too fragile
~located in New England. I live in NH, but will drive a reasonable distance to get one, but not cross country
~a reasonable price!

Please send details and photos if you have a suitable loom that needs a new home.

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