Studio Handcraft Loom for sale

Studio Handcraft Loom for sale: beautiful well kept wood; 8 Harness 10 treadle; 32” weaving width comes with 10 dent reed. ; In excellent condition; the back beam folds up when not in use. I love this loom! It came as 4 now, 4 later. Mike Rude of Three Springs Handworks has custom made the 4 later beautifully. Asking $1200 OBO. I am in zip code 93401. I can help with the delivery in Calif. It cannot be shipped
Please email slobeachgirl@msn.com Pictures will be send upon request.

ISO end feed shuttles

Have one or several you are not using and would like to sell? Please email me, m.finan@hrrc.com. Thanks!

HD 40" 4 harness Loom

For Sale Harrisville Designs 40" 4-harness 6-treadle floor loom plus accessories $1600

Harrisville Designs 40" 4-harness 6-treadle floor loom (new 36" $1840)

Harrisville Designs accessories
32" (Large) bench (new $269)
2 boat shuttles (new $32 each)
Warping reel (new $310)
Bobbin winder (recent ebay: Winning bid: US $65.99)
10 wooden bobbins (new $1 each)

Additional accessories
Schacht boat shuttle (new $34)
10 dent reed (new $64)
12 dent reed (new $64)
Warping hook (new $7)

footprint approximately 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep in open position (~4' tall)

Tools of the Trade table loom



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4 harness (counterbalance type), 4 treadle floor loom (34 X 44 inch). Castle height is 47 inches and easily removed for easier transport. Reed is 22 inches (12 dents/inch). Includes some accessories. In good working condition, unknown manufacturer. For pick up only in State College, PA. Money order or cash ($500 or best offer). Contact 814-237-5595 or danfritton@comcast.net.

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